Fiordland National Park By Agreeing
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Michael Komarck

ancient tree | Kevin K.
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Nazgul - Illustration for The Lord of the Rings, John Howe
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Thirsty Wolf by Maxime Riendeau
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Fire and Water
Artist: William O’Connor
"The story of The Hobbit was the inspiration for this painting, specifically the chapter by the same name. Bard, the captain of the gaurd of Laketown aims his last, magical black arrow at the rampaging dragon, Smaug. The Lonely Mountain looms in the background, and the door in the cliff wall can even be seen on close inspection. The wood thrush with the secret of Smaug’s weakness watches on as the last arrow is about to be loosed. The composition of this image was greatly influenced by the designs of Japanese woodblock prints. The limited pallette infuses the painting with a sense of age and timelessness. Although quite simple in its design, an attention to detail invites the viewer to linger over the elements of the painting.” 

St. -Maurice | Switzerland
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A very wet day, even crows cry (by miskasaarikko)
My crows at work don’t even come out for peanuts when it rains.
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Added this seax to my weapon collection.